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All Earthlings acting as One

13 Dec

Welcome to the All Earthlings acting as One campaign! You can use your skills and knowledge to help people near you and also join an effort to enable the peoples of the Earth to heal and strengthen themselves. Join now.


Our “All Earthlings” campaign began as a response to

Another GOOD Thing:
Get Ready for the Thunderclap!

Now that the COP21 conference in Paris has come to an end we want to begin the creation of a family of websites each oriented to a specific locality (for example, a neighborhood, a town, a province in a remote area, or a place in Africa, Asia, Europe, or the South China Seas). Each of these will (this is our intention now) be aimed at helping people

  1. Live their lives well and have a lifetime of satisfaction in spite of hardships and their own mistakes (and the misdeeds of others)
  2. Do good for others
    1. Including their families and friends but also including
    2. People they meet by chance, are attracted to or decide for some reason to reach out to

This will be a long-term project. It will achieve whatever success we collectively are able to bring about.