Creating a Better World

18 Jul

You can help build a better world, one in which people are more accepting of others, especially those they see as foreign or distinctly different from themselves. This better world can be one in which people work together to

  • Overcome poverty in all its forms
  • Aid the lifetime development of the abilities of individuals and the collective abilities of organized groups
  • Achieve ready transmission of ideas and information across different languages
  • Promote wider exposure to and support for
    • Aristotelean ethics
    • The arts and the humanities
    • The World Parliament of Religions and assorted interfaith efforts
    • The United Nations Development Programme, and
    • The Human Development and Capabilities Association

Eventually people the world over may enjoy more personal freedom and more local control of their lives. We can also hope to improve the United Nations and other efforts at international cooperation, culminating in worldwide efforts to heal the deep-seated wounds that inspire terrorists and help the third-world countries that first-world countries have left behind.

To participate now in this project of creating a better world give your name, contact information, and what you think you may be able to contribute to the effort as a comment.

You can let others know about this website and new posts as they appear. Explore the website and see what you can do to begin building a better world.


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